How To Deal With Health Problems

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a condition of total health which includes all the physical aspects related to the body and is reflected in the ability to do the normal functions of life. Various definitions have been applied for various purposes over the years. The dictionary definition is “health” “the quality of the physical condition of an individual.” By this definition, one who is healthy has a capacity to live well.

There are several determinants of health. These determinants are categorized into five: social determinants, psychological and behavioral, nutritional determinants, biological determinants, and environmental determinants. Social determinants include those that are affected by social factors such as education, occupation, and family background. They also include determinants of behavior such as alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, and violence. Psychological and behavioral determinants relate to one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Nutritional and biological determinants pertain to the person’s physique and daily diet.

The subject of the physiological determinants of health is a chronic illness. It is a combination of a persons’ life style and physiological illness or disorder. Illness can result from any ailment or disease which may affect the organ systems and tissues. Illness may be of any type, whether it is physical or mental. The five determinants of illness are: age, gender, nutrition, chronic infectious diseases, and lifestyle.

The concept of well-being is the outcome of the balanced functioning of all the components of the body, mind, and spirit. The concept of well-being is closely linked to the concept of health. People need to have a good health condition to live a good life. Therefore, people must take all possible measures to maintain their physical well-being, mental health, and emotional well-being, in order to enjoy a happy and healthy existence.

A proper and balanced diet, exercise, and good quality sleep are the cornerstones of physical and mental health. A sound mind and body also contribute significantly to one’s well being. Smoking and drinking habits can have serious repercussions on one’s overall health. Therefore, if you have a habit of smoking, it is important to stop this unhealthy habit now to ensure that you enjoy good health. Alcoholism also has ill effects on one’s health.

Stress can trigger off some health problem like depression, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, and fatigue. Therefore, if you have a habit of staying stressed over small matters, you might be suffering from a mental illness. If you think that you have a mental illness, you should immediately consult your physician. The doctor will carry out a series of tests to find out if there is any physical problem causing your stress, and, if so, how to solve it.