The 4 Types of Relationships – What is the Difference Between the Kinds of Relationships?

Relationships are the most important things in life. When you are in a relationship there are certain rules and rituals that have to be followed, and you will find that there are several different kinds of relationships. There is the platonic relationship, which as the name suggests is based on friendship. Then there is the romantic relationship where two people get together romantically, and then there is the non-romantic relationship where two people get together without any sexual engagement.


A true relationship, however, is one that involves a variety of high values. The true relationship will involve two people who have a high amount of similar high values. In fact the more similar your values are, the higher your compatibility level will be. A true relationship will involve two people who have the same kind of goals, and they also have a similar amount of the same values.

This being said, you can see that there are a variety of different kinds of relationships. On the low end of the scale you will find casual relationships. These relationships tend to be short term, especially if there is not a significant other involved. They might only last a few weeks, or they might even be permanent. However, on the other end of the spectrum you will find what are known as enduring relationships. These are relationships that actually last for years, sometimes decades.

Then on the other end of the spectrum you will find the four-year relationship. These are relationships that tend to be solid long term relationships. The four-year relationship tends to be formed between two people who like each other and who are committed to one another. They are the opposite of the casual relationship where the love is not as strong, or the commitment level is not as great. However, at the heart of the four-year relationship the desire to remain friends is what is driving the relationship.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are different types of relationships. The two-person, one-time relationship tends to be the most common type of relationship out there. In this type of relationship one person typically looks at the other as a friend, and there is absolutely no sexual attraction or desire. These types of relationships tend to last quite a while.

The next type of relationship is the romantic relationship. In these types of relationships there is a level of sexual attraction, but it is not based on a romantic desire. Instead it is based on an emotional bond. People use romance in relationships to build trust, affection, and a feeling of closeness. Most people use romantic relationships to move from casual dating to marriage, or at least to explore a deeper level of intimacy.