What Types of Relationships Are There?

Relationships are a way of bonding. They have been considered as an essential part of human life since time immemorial. They are a way to satisfy needs of the body, mind, and emotions. But the essence of every relationship includes emotional and physical intimacy which can only be achieved through communication. A relationship is normally characterized by closeness, trust, and intimacy.


An intimate relation is a interpersonal relationship which involves emotional and physical intimacy. It is generally defined as a relationship in which there is more emotional connection or bond than the physical one. Generally speaking, the term “intimate relationship” covers any intimate association that does not involve any sex. While an intimate relation is most commonly a romantic relationship, it can also be a non-romantic relationship. Any such relationship that lacks any emotional contact is called a platonic relationship.

There are different types of relationships that include different types of intimacy and they are broadly categorized as: romantic relationships, casual relationships, committed relationships, religious relationships, single-person relationships and interracial relationships. However, the nature of each type of relationship will depend on the culture, as well as on the individual personality of the person. In most cases, people prefer a traditional relationship over other types because traditions provide a set of norms that are considered to be important for the maintenance of a happy and healthy family and are therefore not discarded easily.

Romantic relationships generally involve a person falling in love with a person, or with the idea of someone. The main reason behind their love is based on friendship, care, admiration, respect, or even physical attraction. While these relationships are mostly lifelong, there are some exceptions such as in the case of a polyamorous relationship where partners share both a lover and a bed. In a few instances, a romantic relationship may take place between two consenting adults who are within a committed relationship. Then, the relationships are said to be sexual in nature.

Couples who are in long term relationships may start having sexual intimacy when they first meet. This happens in most cases when one partner has expressed a strong interest in another person before getting to know them more intimately. Once the couples get to know each other better, they may decide to engage in more intimate and loving forms of sharing. There are also some people who start having emotional closeness with someone else before having physical intimacy with them.

Many people may wonder what types of relationships play a major role in shaping an individual’s emotional well being and how these relationships shape an individual’s personality. The answer is quite simple. Most relationships that we have are formed through experiences that we have had with others and through the perceptions we have given to different situations. That is why, relationships can be very enduring and powerful when they are formed well. Therefore, take your time in deciding which type of relationship you want to have, because it is bound to be a lifelong bond.