Attachment Theory in Relationships


Attachment Theory in Relationships

Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. It’s important to have and maintain relationships with those we care about. It’s also important for us to have relationships with those outside our family. A healthy balance of relationships and companionship is healthy for both men and women. With that being said, relationships can be difficult to maintain.

One problem that couples experience is not having a sense of balance. When one partner dominates the relationship in terms of physical intimacy and/or emotionally intense moments, it’s obvious that there is a problem. And when that happens, partners will fight to gain control of the relationship instead of working together to find a middle ground. The desire to be in control often causes arguments, and even sometimes to break relationships. The best thing to do if you’re having this problem is to try to learn how to have a healthy balance in your relationship.

Learning how to have a healthy balance in your relationships means that you need to pay attention to what you are feeling. If you feel like you are being controlled, or even that you are being abused by your partner, these are feelings you need to identify and deal with. Healthy, romantic relationships involve feelings of intimacy, trust, and security. When one partner uses physical intimacy or displays emotionally intense moments, this creates tension and leaves little room for any other feelings. One idea is to slow down and really focus on feeling the emotions rather than trying to change the behavior of your partner.

In order to have healthy, romantic relationships, both partners must have equal status in the relationship. This is usually the first and most important step in creating a healthy romantic relationship. Both partners must be equally invested in the relationship–regardless of whether they are having sex or not. In a relationship where one partner has a lot invested in the relationship, that partner will usually try to make sure the other partner knows how important they are and will do anything possible to make that partner feel included. This is not healthy, and it usually results in the partner who is more invested feeling like the victim. One way to create equality in your relationships is to start making yourself and your partner’s feelings important by being sensitive to how they are feeling.

There are two forms of intimacy: physical and emotional. Emotional intimacy is the foundation for all healthy relationships. Physical intimacy, however, can take many forms. It can be loving embraces, holding hands, cuddling, kissing, and touching other types of intimacy.

The premise of the attachment theory is that two people develop very strong, intimate attachments to one another as they experience a variety of new people in their lives. These attachments can either lead to long lasting relationships or to unhealthy, one-sided relationships. In order to avoid unhealthy, one-sided relationships, people need to be aware of how they are forming relationships with each other and be honest about how they feel about the relationships they are forming. Once people learn to listen to each other’s needs, they can form solid, healthy relationships.