Types of Relationships


Types of Relationships

Relationships are part of life, and while relationships tend to end for many different reasons, they are not supposed to. People in relationships work together, compete with one another, support each other, and enjoy the company of their companions. A healthy relationship allows for growth, and often children are born into a relationship as a result. While relationships do require work, it can also be a satisfying, rewarding, and fulfilling way to live.

The most common definition of a relationship dynamic is that a relationship consists of four elements: two people who have a strong degree of emotional commitment to one another, a level of physical intimacy between them, and some sort of relationship skill (competition, trust, honesty). Though this is the most simplistic description, there are many other components that make up relationships. The following descriptions of relationships describe relationships in more detail:

Romantic relationships are based on deep feelings and intense desire. Romantic relationships are meant to be forever and if they do not include romance, then the relationship isn’t truly healthy. A romantic relationship can be healthy when both people involved remain open and honest about their feelings and their desires, and are committed to growing and changing the relationship so that it becomes a truly fulfilling and healthy relationship in its own right.

Most all human beings seek some form of sexual attraction. Therefore, all relationships must have at least some degree of sexual attraction for at least some people. If you seek out a person to love and you find that the other person finds your sexual attraction unattractive and undesirable, then your relationship will not be healthy. The important thing is that you know what you want before entering into a relationship, and that you are willing to work toward getting that sexual attraction to grow and become a passion.

Attachment theory says that relationships that involve deep emotional bonding are more likely to last longer than those that are strictly physical or sexual. If you find that you are in a relationship with someone that you feel intensely close to, then your attachment to this person is stronger than the attachment you may have to someone you are simply attracted to physically. If you spend time and create an emotional bond with this person, then you are likely to be in a satisfying relationship and it will be easier for you to make mistakes and learn from them, therefore increasing your chances for having a satisfying relationship and life in general. People who spend time creating strong emotional bonds and developing deep connections with other people are usually happier and healthier and this helps them to enjoy their relationships more than people who do not.

The most common type of relationship in modern society is the platonic kind. Platonic relationships are not based on anything else but friendship or an interest in each other, so they usually last longer than other types of relationship and they are more likely to end up being happy. A platonic relationship may start out as just an interest, but as time passes, the friendship may deepen and they may become more serious about being friends. This does not necessarily mean that they will end up dating, but if they do, the relationship will be more satisfying and lasting than most other types of relationships. If you are looking for something more serious than a platonic relationship, you should seek out more serious romantic relationships.